Bumbling Betsy


Fun to ride, and with room for two, Bumbling Betsy is a very busy bee! This playground toy incorporates the classic spring design most of us remember enjoying as children with the very best in modern materials. With rounded edges for safety, and wide footboards shaped just like wings and intended to prevent slips, Bumbling Betsy is a bright yellow bumblebee playground toy with places to go. Whether you set up just a single Betsy Bee playground toy, or an entire swarm, kids are certain to enjoy imaginary adventures aplenty when mounted on her wide, welcoming back.


With sturdy antennae handles in the front and a second set of handles for a second child to grasp in back, Betsy has ample room for two riders and is designed for enjoyment by children ages 2 to 5. Built to last and to withstand harsh outdoor elements, Bumbling Betsy can be grouped with other riding toys for a complete menagerie of playground fun.


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